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A logo (someone who use Photoshop or Illustrator) A customer (someone who modify the code and compile) Block genesis (have no idea how) A hosting for one official website A domain name Someone who can create a pool from the first day. (and will win their respective fee)

If we see that everything works as it should, we can then post it on the Forum in English to gain momentum.
Create a currency using the open source providing Bitcoin is extremely simple, just you have to modify a few lines. If you do not know programming safe by four tough you can find someone who does. It is difficult to give hype to a currency, there is where the majority of copies fail. For example Litecoin has used the tactic to be heavy over and over again. With the technical shit that the creator made the beginning anyone would say that only stooges are fiarian, but the uncle followed by promoting its currency even who wanted to know nothing of it. You have all these post from a guy by becoming the innocent and asking that he knows of such currency as if you didn't know anything when 99 of 100 is a guy who has bought the currency and search which seems that you there is interest genuine. Or posts that are obvious troll baits and just want to talk the currency, etc... They aren't pyramid schemes, but they use very similar tactics.
In the end, that technically is not complicated, the problem is to promote them. And for every coin you see that has achieved a bit of Fame, there are dozens who have disappeared into anonymity

Bitcoins: the End of Money As We Know it - Torsten Hoffmann (2015) This is a film that definitely everyone should see, since it not only speaks of Bitcoins, but money. The documentary shows from the origin, changes and other milestones in the history of money, until the current financial scheme led by banks and Governments.

Through a series of interviews with several characters of the Bitcoins, of global finance and programmers ecosystem; the film, narrated by John Barrett, explains how the current financial system damaged the global economy and why Bitcoins has the potential to be the alternative for change. This documentary is considered the best envelope today by its great performance and pedagogy, Bitcoins on CriptoNoticias invite all our readers to see him and expose a number of reasons to reinforce such an invitation. Without a doubt, it is a well done film with good visuals and a good script that keeps us always tuned to the screen.